7th cf workout

 A. snatch build to a tough single 

B. clean and jerk build to a tough single 

12mins amrap 

3 snatch 135# 

6 cl and jk 135# 

9 CTB 

54 DU




A1. close grip bench press build to a max 

A2. wtd chinup max; rest as needed in as many sets as needed 

B. take 80% of A1 complete 1 amrap set rest 3mins x 2 

C. 4min amrap strict chinups pronated grip 

D. 40 TTB for time 

A. 125

B. 205


135 is there. I decided to give it a go. I thought maybe with a little added pressure of the clock it would click. Didn’t end up getting it. I was close to scaling it back but i would have been plenty happy with a pr on my snatch during that workout. 


A1. 200

A2. 92, 102(f)

B. 9,7 @160

C. 39

D. 2:03