Coach Matt Bryant

As most of you know I have recently teamed up with Matt Bryant as my coach. Matt is a trainer out of Scottsdale, working at OPEX. This past year he was the assistant coach of the GRID Team.

Why might I need a coach you might ask, since I myself am one. I’ve been doing CrossFit for around 5 years now. I started just like everyone else. I didn’t know what Kipping pull ups were, I didn’t know how to perform a squat clean, and let’s not even discuss snatching. I was weighing in at 126 pounds still running long distance, as well as playing soccer on the side. In my opinion I was very athletic. That is until I got further into CrossFit. As the years progressed my once quick progress within CrossFit slowed. I played around with following multiple blogs, such as the OPT big dawgs being group, Invictus, and outlaw. I tried to individualize my own program by jumping around these other blogs. It got to a point where I just felt lost and wasn’t seeing any improvement, and I wasn’t going to believe I had reached my full potential.

This just so happened to be around the time where OPEX had decided to go strictly to individualized coaching, no more blog to follow. It took a few weeks to make the decision, but once I picked the phone up and had my first conversation with Matt, which lasted just over an hour. I was in, I was 100% in. I immediately could feel the excitement coming from Matt about getting me started on the journey. I have no idea how many clients he may have, but I felt like I was the only one with how much he seemed to be putting into this. It made me want to perform to the best of my abilities because I felt as though I’d be letting him down. If he’s putting 110% effort in, so am I. I started back in June, so I’m around 6 months in now.

I’m putting up PR’s on about a bi weekly – monthly basis. I’m quickly reaching numbers I used to think were years down the road. I’m now within reach of some of these long term PR’s I only dreamed of before. The continued support from Matt each and everyday is so much more than I could have imagined would come from remote coaching. Answers are simply a text or phone call away. So far this experience has been the best decision I’ve made in training. I started Crossfit struggling to manipulate 135 pound for for just about any lift, yes squatting included. I’ve recently hit 305 for a fairly easy single back squat, up from an ugly 275 before starting with Matt. I used to struggle a ton with cleaning 185 in workouts. That’s now a thing of the past. I welcome that with open arms now. My Fran time dropped by about 90 seconds. 30 clean and jerks for time at 135 used to be daunting. I’ve now completed that at 155 and 165 pounds, a struggle, yes, but 135 pounds will now be somewhat of a walk in the park. All of these things I’ve just mentioned were numbers I saw far down the road, maybe a year or two. And I’ve now broken through all of those walls and in 6 months have met, or surpassed most of my long term goals. I can’t thank Matt enough for working with me. ONWARD


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